Our Services

Our website design and social media services are primarily geared towards hospitality, they also include Web Design, Integrated Social Media and Retention Marketing. Website Design is a one time commitment, providing you with a finished end website design and 1 year website design and maintenance service. Integrated Social Media and Retention Marketing are separate services, they are most effective when combined, and geared towards our long term commitment to you. Retention Marketing is the more complex of the two and requires specific technologies, such as the reservations module and POS (Point Of Sale). If your outlet doesn’t have the right technologies in place to utilize Retention Marketing we are happy to consult and help implement the changes required to meet your long term goals.

SOS Marketing Services

While it is more productive to have all marketing initiatives coming from one source, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, your outlet will have its own specific needs.

Our flexible approach allows you to break our Services down in to Solutions, you can then cherry pick the Solutions which best suit your requirements.