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Web Design is our passion, we develop on-brand with optimal performance. That’s why these companies Trust Us!


We design unique websites to maintain your brand identity and increase online visibility, taking full advantage of ready built blogging platforms which can integrate with hundreds of ready made apps. This approach saves on time, reduces costs, generates more on-line exposure and keeps your website up to date with on-line technological developments. A good CMS makes your website self-maintainable, meaning that a member of your team can easily update events, menus and promotions.

From design to delivery to ongoing website management, we deliver proven end-to-end solutions that make it easy for you to achieve cost effective results.SOS.MARKETING

Creating a blog is the most effective way to promote your outlet on-line. In social media this content is only really visible for a couple of days before it fades only to be replaced by fresh new content. We will create a blog to ensure that your content lives forever. The blog plays a vital part in generating new leads for your outlet, it adds keywords, meta data and unique URL’s which will increase your on-line visibility. We intelligently integrate existing social media into your website and blog so that all posts can be simply managed in one place, in a way that engages and captures your target market.

We can create a simple menu for upload with a downloadable / print PDF or use Advanced Menu Management which allows category  maintenance  of  all  food, beverage, and special items in one place. From wine lists to daily specials, brunch to dinner, the online menu management will provide a simple way for your staff to update  your restaurant website menus. The choice is yours!

Events can be created in either a simple post format with image, description, date and time or with an Advanced Event Management System. AEMS will allow you to manage all events in one place, you can feed directly from your facebook events or set automated posting directly to your facebook timeline and share on your fans newsfeed. Whether you want to promote a one off event or a by-weekly event AEMS will be designed to meet the specific needs of your outlet.

On-line ordering is a great way to increase sales using your website. In off season periods when sales drop and customers are less likely to venture outside, don’t sit and wait for them to come to you, deliver your orders to them. To save on time and cost your website can be integrated with existing secure on-line shopping platforms; we are always on hand to offer advice and help you choose which solution works best for you.

Location, location, location… you invest in your physical restaurant location, one ideal for attracting customers. But have you invested enough in search engine location? Studies show that over 90% of searchers don’t look beyond the third page of search results (Spink & Koshman 2007). Search engine placement for your restaurant is critical, and we’re here to help. We identify key search terms related to the sales goals of your business. These terms are search engine optimized on your website and tied to analytics for measurable results. Together we develop a comprehensive plan that begins with business sales goals and ends with a strategy for exceeding those goals.

We use analytics and insights to increase your search engine visibility, measure visitor behaviour and engagement. This data allows us to effectively increase on-line awareness, develop new strategies and convert your prospects into new customers.

CMS (Content Management System) enables members of your staff to easily make changes to the website; by allocating administration authority you can determine  the various levels of access team members will  have.  We  ensure  that  you  won’t require a dedicated workstation or additional software; this will  save on  revision costs and ensure that your website will always stay fresh and up to date.

Web Design and Blog Development

If you’re looking for a restaurant web design company, look no further. We have proven experience providing businesses in the hospitality sector with high quality and affordable websites. From restaurants to hotels we can offer you a comprehensive list of web development services designed to meet your specific needs.

We develop secure Web 2.0 compatible websites. Your hospitality outlet will have a fresh new website design that is easy to navigate and provides useful information to current subscribers and prospects. The design will convey that your outlet is a professional and reliable company.

The design integrates your outlet logo and colour palette so it will maintain brand continuity for existing customers. Your website will captivate the essence of what your outlet represents through creative design and the latest advances in web technology. We integrate existing social media and review websites into your websites in a way that engages and captures your audience.

Web Design and Blog Development