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It can take 20 years to build a reputation, and just 5 minutes to ruin it. That’s why these companies Trust Us!


We provide hospitality outlets with comprehensive Social Media Management. Working with your outlet management we assess your needs, define your outlet identity, ideal customer, target audience and remarkable difference. We then share your message consistently on brand with the most relevant media channels, using outstanding content in the form of video, infographics, photo and copy to enhance your outlets reach. By integrating Social Media with your outlets blog and website we give your content more visibility and a permanent indexed lifeline. A content generation calendar ensures that fresh new content is delivered at the right time in the most engaging way; we always looking to encourage social validation with a story underlying your  all-important message. We develop and manage your advertising campaigns using bespoke apps to compile prospect contact data which can be used for future marketing initiatives. All Social Media activity is then compiled in to a monthly report to be shared with you.

Every business needs a comprehensive digital marketing plan in order to maximize revenues and profitability. To do this effectively we build on a solid foundation by first defining your ideal customer and then establishing your outlets remarkable difference.

Identifying your ‘ideal customer’ creates opportunities. This is a key foundational step we take in order to reach your target audience, with the most effective message. The most powerful marketing tool at our disposal is being able to defining your brands remarkable difference; this helps us make your outlet stand out from the crowd. We then communicate this unique difference in our marketing messages to prospects about that what makes your business different and better than alternatives.

If not already claimed we will create new relevant Social Media pages for your outlet. The pages we consider most relevant to the hospitality industry are: Your Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Trip Advisor.

Content, Content, Content, it is all about the content. We will work with your outlet management to develop a social calendar and organise the way we curate and create content, this will keep content fresh, engaging and above all deliver your message consistently.

We use a variety of rich media formats to beat Social Media algorithms; this method helps us to reach out to more prospects and will create more customers for you. From video content to copy, we mix it all up in the social calendar using; Video, Photos, Infographics and persuasive copy.

We work with your management team to generate content a month in advance, always adhering to our timeline for engagement, refining the story and process as we progress. Your campaign will be built around what you do best, with a focus on Promotions, Food & Beverage, Relevant Entertainment, Events and Service. Think 50% education and 50% smile.

We get ideas from your employees and industry experts to attain knowledge and then share that valuable information with your customers and prospects. We establish your brand positioning and extend your outlet’s reach beyond the normal boundaries, generating excitement and eventually creating a community of customer advocates.

Listen, Research, Focus on what you do best, Develop campaigns, Advertise, Grow your network, Collect prospect data, Promote your brand, service and offerings, Share useful information, Genuinely Engage, Ask for the share and Identify, Foster loyalty, Influence your influencers, Encourage advocacy, Generate reservations, Create customers.

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet, with over an estimated billion active users; it is also the most attractive social network to market your outlet. Geographic, Demographics and Psychographics help us reach out to your target market. Facebook allows us to target users who post a relevant type of psychographic content; this enables us to find prospects that are more likely to become your customers. We create and use competitions to increase user engagement and lower the advertising CPM (Cost Per Mile) which offers more value than CTR (Click Through Rate).

An unsponsored post on your facebook page has an estimated user reach of 12% max and is dropping all the time, this means that the only way most businesses can contact fans of their page is by creating sponsored posts. Unlike other hospitality outlets we use a bespoke app from which to focus your advertising campaigns and then extract valuable contact data (full name, gender, email, telephone,) to use in your future marketing initiatives. This technique saves you money long term as there is no need to keep paying for sponsored post every time we want to reach out to your audience.

Track your brand growth – See where and when your social profiles are growing and get an in-depth look at their growth over time.
Visualize social demographics – Get to know your audience by gender and geography, right down to the city level.
Measure sentiment metrics – Discover real-time spikes in brand sentiment to see whether conversations about you are positive, negative, or neutral.
Identify social influencers – Pinpoint the key influencers and brands driving important conversations and generating buzz.
See what content resonates – Measure clicks, likes, retweets and more to learn what content works and what content doesn’t.
Social reports – Create custom reports to share with relevant members of clients’ organisation.

Integrated Social Media

On-line marketing for hospitality has never been more important, it is a key focal point and Social Media is at the heart of it. Social Media provides the platform to create buzz, generating excitement and word of mouth about your product, service and offerings. It extends your brand’s reach beyond your normal boundaries, and offers a way to create communities of customer advocates. Having an audience who endorses and promotes your business via Social Media is one of the most powerful marketing methods available. We refer to this as “Enhanced Naturalism”.

Social Media is now an integral part of our lives and cultures, and the landscape is continually changing. Just a few years ago, businesses were focused on creating Facebook pages and Twitter campaigns. Now this has expanded to the point where every marketing campaign should have a social element. Social Media is no longer just a stand- alone strategy or tactic; that’s why we integrate Social Media into every facet of your marketing strategies.

Social Media by SOS.MARKETING

We have proven experience providing businesses’ in the hospitality sector with great content and engaging Social Media. Our one stop Social Media Management Service is designed to meet your needs.SOS.MARKETING