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Restaurant Marketing Strategy: Monkey Waiters at Kayabukiya

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employee restaurant marketing strategy This is an employee restaurant marketing strategy I haven’t seen before. I thought I had seen it all with midgets, hell NO, this one looks set to continue… We all know that monkeys are famous for their mischief and have long appreciated them for this, but that is all about to change. The Kayabukiya Tavern restaurant in Utsunomiya, Japan, has taken their restaurant marketing strategy to another level, employing two monkeys, named Yat-Chan and Fuku-Chan, as effective helpers.

The Owner Kaoru Otsuka

Restaurant Marketing Strategy of Kaoru OtsukaThe owner, Kaoru Otsuka¬†didn’t include the monkeys in his initial restaurant marketing strategy. The monkeys were just observant pets, fascinated by the service experience. ¬†It first started when¬†Kaoru gave his pet monkey a hot towel and he took it to the customer. With little encouragement the monkeys continued¬†to imitate their owners, eventually becoming helpers.They serve drinks to guests and offer towels to them after the meals. They also bring bills to the table and even give change in return. Wearing a uniform while serving the guests, they work just two hours a day, maximum, and usually rock up around 7 pm.

If the monkeys didn’t seem happy then I would be against this idea, but by all accounts they are not forced to work and don’t even have to show up. As one can expect I have come across a few complaints but on the whole guests give a positive feedback. The monkeys seem perfectly happy, especially when served boiled soy-beans as a tip by guests.

An Opportunistic Restaurant Marketing Strategy

restaurant marketing strategy with waitersWe all know that employees play a vital part in any restaurant marketing strategy. From waiters to cooks, they should be¬†brand champions, both inside and outside the venue.¬†Oki, Kaoru didn’t devise this unique employee restaurant marketing strategy but I give him credit for identifying the opportunity and then capitalizing on it.¬†I just love this crazy world of hospitality; we can only wonder what comes next??

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