Restaurant website design removes online food ordering threat

Purchase and Selection 2. Restaurant Website Design & Online Ordering

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Traditionally there has only ever been just one way to order; inside the 4 walls of the restaurant. With the advance of technology this has now changed, with a good restaurant website design, customers can now order food direct from your menu online.

I have recently been approached by a number of restaurant owners who require digital marketing assistance. I take a brief look at their digital footprint online and the answer to their problem is startling clear. None of these restaurants have online ordering integrated into their restaurant website design. On telling them the reason, they all replied with the following question: ‘why should I have online ordering integrated into my restaurant website design when I have Zomato, Food On Click and a whole host of other companies who can provide this service for me?’ The main answer is actually quite obvious but they are many other important factors restaurants should take note of in the article below:

How online food ordering companies damage restaurants

Restaurant website design removes online food ordering threat

Keep the Profit for your Restaurant!!

  • It is your restaurant. You do all the hard work, you pay for staff and pay the bills, so don’t give 10 / 15 or even 20% of your revenue to a 3rd party. Online ordering companies are like a drug, you have to keep paying to get your next fix.

Never share customer data!!

  • Online ordering companies don’t share their customer data with you and they rarely share your customers’ data with you. With this approach you can say goodbye to building a loyal customer and never retain the best customers for yourself.

Don’t give your competitors an advantage!!

  • Online ordering companies will push your customers straight in to your competitors arms if the price is right. They know what cuisine your customers likes and what price they are willing to pay. Sending your customers to a competitor is always just one step away the moment you stop paying.

Protect your restaurants best interests!!

  • Online ordering companies rarely promote your website because they want to keep the business for themselves. So why should you be expected to promote their services.

Don’t dilute your brand!!

  • Online ordering companies can seriously devalue your brand. Your restaurant will look like all the other restaurants lined up in a row. Your restaurant will have no differentiation apart from your logo, menu items, images and price. It takes a long time to establish a great brand so don’t give others the opportunity to ruin it for you.

Save rewards for customer loyalty!!

  • Online ordering companies will encourage you to promote your restaurant with special offers on the basis that it will generate more business. Not only will this hit your bottom line it will ruin the perceived value of your restaurant. If a customer pays $40 with a discounted offer they will feel ripped off when you ask them to pay the full $55 without a discount. How do you think other customers feel when they pay the full price and see that others are paying a discounted price? They feel ripped off! If you do insist on promoting offers with 3rd parties then at least make sure that you save the best offers for yourself. Cutting out the middle man will ave you money.

Why integrate online ordering into restaurant website design?

The benefits of integrating online food ordering in to your restaurant website design are huge.
Every restaurant with a food delivery service should always integrate online ordering in to their restaurant website design. Both restaurants and customers will experience the benefits I have outlined in the article below:

Restaurant website design integrated with online ordering has many benefits

A website connects you with you customers

  • In today’s digital age, people expect to connect with a restaurant via their web or mobile website. This is your virtual storefront. For many potential customers, it is their first impression of your business. Prospects may visit to find out your location and operating times or just browse your menu. Customers can hold your brand in their hand, always one tap away from engaging directly with your restaurant.

Ordering online empowers your customers

  • When you add online ordering to your restaurant website design, it makes it much more interactive than a static menu. Customers can easily look through menu options, and add selected items to the cart. They can add side dishes, use a coupon or special offer. Your website gives them a greater ability to make thier own decisions.

Website ordering online provides deep customer insights

  • When a customer orders from your restaurant website online, you can learn about thier preferences. What they like to order, the preferred time and frequency of order. You can never know enough about your customer. Knowledge is power. Use this power correctly and predict behaviors to increase more sales.

Website ordering is great for customer retention

  • You can download the data a customer provides on registration. This data can be used for repeat marketing initiatives. Integrate with bulk email marketing platform such as Mail Chimp. With the right integration this data can be segmented without having to lift a finger. All you have to do is create the email campaign, select the applicable target audience and click send. There are now a number of inbound digital marketing solutions available which build a bigger profile picture of your customers. Hubspot and Pardot are the big players in this market. They take a while to setup, but when done correctly they can send a series of automated messages, triggered by user actions in real time. I will talk more about this in another article soon.

Website ordering fine tunes digital marketing campaigns for restaurants

  • Integrating online ordering in to your restaurant website design creates a GOAL. A goal is the specific place where your restaurant makes money. That magic button called Purchase. All social media and email marketing campaigns can be pointed directly at this goal. This provides valuable insights about which digital marketing campaign has been the most effective. Learn from these vital marketing insights to construct new campaigns with a higher conversion ratio. Ultimately this will improve your marketing Return On Investment.

Website ordering can lead to larger orders for restaurants

  • When ordering online, customers can browse and order at their leisure. There is no pressure to rush. You want them to absorb the full list of menu options. Use appetizing photos to showcase your dishes. This will increase the desire to purchase your menu items. Online ordering generally results in a higher dollar value per order than orders made by phone.

Website ordering creates more up-sells

  • When your restaurant gets busy and things get hectic, employees may forget to up-sell extra items over the phone. In spite of employee training, there is no way to ensure that this happens on every call. When a customer orders online, you can have the up-sells built into the programming. The system will never forget to promote favourite up-sell items such as drinks, sides and desserts.

Online restaurant ordering reduces errors

  • Eliminate common communication difficulties. Language barriers, multi-tasking, or simple human error can cause mistakes when taking phone orders. Online ordering makes it easy for the customer to see exactly what they ordered. Reducing errors means less waste and more profit for your restaurant. It eliminates disruptions, remaking dishes, and the cost of re-delivery. If the customer claims an order is incorrect, verify with their exact online order.

Website ordering makes purchasing easy for customers

  • Most restaurant websites are designed to be informational only. Customers and prospects visit to find our information. The restaurant relies on the consumer taking a specific action. Picking up the phone to make an order or driving to the restaurant. They may read the information but never take the action you want. If the action is difficult they will go to another website where the action is easy. Online ordering integrated in to your website design makes it easy for customers to place orders at your restaurant. They don’t need to go out of their way to write down their choices and call them in. All they have to do is point and click. Make it easy for your customers to purchase.

Website ordering reduces costs in a restaurant

  • Online ordering will reduce labour costs. An average phone order takes up to 5 minutes, compared to 30 seconds for receiving an order online. Online ordering lets the customer do the work. Online orders are more accurate. This reduces costs incurred when mistakes are made over the phone.

Website ordering provides great flexibility

  • When customers phone in orders someone has to take the call. Online ordering frees up more time. This is more efficient. Staff can now be more productive doing other tasks. The receptionist could now be doing something to help market your restaurant. Or help provide a better service for your customers.

Website ordering can increase customer loyalty

  • Integrating loyalty in to your restaurant web design is not that difficult. If loyalty isn’t integrated in to your restaurant website design you can always use a plugin. Loyalty will reward customers for repeat purchases. Loyalty can encourage customers to take specific actions. These actions can help to promote your restaurant. Remember that your loyal customers should account for 70% of your business. If this is not the case then you need to look at your retention ratio.  Here you can determine which customers are best to keep or drop. Feel confused? Follow the link to find out more about our bespoke Digital Marketing Services in Dubai 

*Note – there may be some online ordering companies that work to support the marketing initiatives of Restaurants. Do you know of any? Please feel free to name them in the comment section below. I would love to hear about them. The general rule of thumb is that 3rd party food ordering companies are understandably much more interested in keeping their business model alive. Helping your restaurant be self-sustainable is not in their interest. Take control of your marketing and integrate online ordering in to your restaurant website design now!

Need assistance? We have great experience in restaurant website design. Integrating online ordering in to your website design is easy. Tell us your requirements and we will make it happen. Contact us via live chat, message or phone. We are always happy to help.

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