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  • 15% of your customers are responsible for 55 to 70% of total sales
  • It costs on average 6 or 7 times more to win a new customer than retain an existing customer
  • Increasing customer retention by 10% can increase your company value by 30%
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Our Retention Marketing Service

We create a unique strategic roadmap for your outlet by integrating the on-line with off- line and then merge various technologies to primarily collect data. Once we have collected valuable contact data about your existing customers we then explore the right ways to communicate with them. We do this by creating profiles based on patterns of behaviour. Using a process called data segmentation we then put your customers in to groups and then break them down in to categories which enables us to target your customers with  much  more personalised marketing initiatives. We then identify your potential brand advocates and drive them to create direct referrals. To make this process straight forward we have broken it down in to the four categories below.

To study how your brand connects with your customers we build unique digital customer profiles. We gain valuable insights about your customers satisfaction levels by recording their purchasing patterns and preferences. Over a period of time we learn about what your customers want, what they like, what they don’t like and how frequently they return. Data profiling can also be used to create product up-sells, enhance your customer service experience and provide valuable guidance in staff continuity.

Our strategic goal is to forge and maintain long term relationships with your customers; we achieve this by first developing and segmenting databases. We then target individual behaviour and share your brand message by email or sms in a one on one conversation away from the distraction of social media using highly personalised techniques. While we make every effort to retain your best customers we understand that it may not be wise or profitable to try to retain them all. Some customers may be too expensive to serve.

The proliferation of loyalty programs has made customers less willing to expend effort in participation, the more effort it takes for a customer to participate the less involvement a programme will get. With that in mind we create unique and effective loyalty & reward programmes that deliver long term profits and remove the barrier of participation. By synchronizing loyalty with an expandable data model we are able to engage your customers in a loyalty programme without them knowing, we call it ‘Stealth Loyalty’.

We know that cultivating advocacy among customers is profitable for your business; with that in mind we first identify your advocates by breaking them down into 3 categories: Active, Passive and Conditional.

We don’t just stop with your customer that made the reservation or paid the bill, we target their friends also. Utilizing cutting edge technology we ask them to take action, give them specific attention and above all show lots of appreciation. This method generates repeat business and ensures that your business will grow with direct referrals.