We have a thorough and extensive knowledge of hospitality management and operations which is essential when providing hospitality marketing services and solutions for the industry. We don’t just understand the new hospitality marketing landscape, we help to create it. Our innovative approach helps to connect brands with their customers; we are here to build loyal customers not just a sale.

Our team is a diverse medley right of – and left – brain thinkers; we are strategists, programmers, digital engineers and above all innovators. This combination of talent fosters a rare level of insight, enabling us to build exceptional experiences for effective brand communication.

We offer a variety of Services and Solutions specifically tailored towards effective hospitality marketing. Our Services include Web Design, Integrated Social Media Management and Retention Marketing. Our Solutions include Graphic Design, Advertising, Video, Photography, Database Management and E-marketing.

Our Remarkable Difference

To do hospitality marketing effectively you need to deliver your message, to the right target audience, through the right media channels, using rich media content to showcase your product offerings, promotions and events. This requires a deep understanding of hospitality marketing combined with a mix of technical and creative staff with skills in social media, design, analytics, advertising, copywriting,  translation  and  e-marketing. The combined cost of staff is not sustainable for the majority of hospitality businesses. Consequently the end result produces sub-standard and ineffective end distribution, which is unable to show a clear ROI (Return On Investment).

Welcome to SOS.MARKETING, we are not any old digital marketing company, we are a digital marketing company with a remarkable difference; We Specialise in Hospitality Marketing.

Offering cost effective marketing services and solutions, we reduce your overheads and radically increase your profits, this allows your operators to concentrate on what they do best; operate.

We are different to all the other P.R / Digital Marketing Agencies. In revealing your marketing Return On Investment we are able to fine tune future marketing initiatives, making them all the more effective for you.

What We Do

When used correctly hospitality marketing will cover all sectors of hospitality and serves to increase revenue. Our primary goal is to clearly define your brand online; this will bring many long-term benefits and help fulfil the long- standing goals for your business. Your brand is capable of winning the trust of your customers and helps to retain them over time. We use on-line awareness and consumer engagement to improve the visibility of your business and increase your reputation on the internet.

What We Do

The Hospitality Customer Life Cycle

As digital natives of the hospitality industry we fully understand how consumers interact with your brand in a digital sense. Through deployment of the hospitality customer life cycle (Awareness, Reservation, Purchase, Satisfaction, Retention and Advocacy) we are able to create an expandable data model that notices every purchasing detail about your customer, allowing us to target by  individual behaviour and  engage using highly personalized marketing techniques. This data driven model allows us to effectively analyse your on-line marketing Revenue to Cost ratio, will make future marketing initiatives more effective and ultimately deliver a clear, measurable ROI (Return On Investment).

Our Process

Hospitality Marketing can be a complicated process, it requires a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and how different outlets operate, strategise  and  engage their customers. Delving deeper we find that outlets operating in an identical niche industry, offering the same service and product, to an identical target market will have wild contradictions on product, service and atmosphere. To solve this problem and make your marketing initiatives straight forward and effective we have broken the process down in to a series of strategic stages.

Hospitality Marketing

When meeting we will address your needs, assess your fundamental business goals, identify opportunities and find the best way to place your ideal customer at the centre of your hospitailty marketing strategy. Sometimes this means creating a  comprehensive  digital solution, other times it means staging a  coordinated series of bespoke strategic marketing initiatives.

Original content and multi media channels are used to reach your target market, we then identify prospects and highlight your remarkable difference to create new customers. Analysing your customers purchasing patterns at source reveals which media channel has been the most effective. This reveals your marketing ROI (return on investment) from which we refine our techniques accordingly and deliver your most effective campaigns.

We create unique profiles of your customers to learn about their preferences, we then retain the best ones and persuade them to follow your objectives, rewarding them along the way. We identify your most influential customers and encourage them to become brand advocates, generating new business with direct referrals.

Our Services


We build the internet for you to enjoy. Go find a website you like, send us the link - and then we will make it better!!

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Sharing your message isn't that complicated. We reflect your brand with meaningful relationships & effective conversation

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Retaining your best customers isn't so hard (with the right tools) We win you repeat business through direct referrals.

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